Between Identity and Identification  

5 Channels sound installation / 6 speakers, chair, poem / 6,5 m2 / 2016

Installation view, University of Arts and Industrial Design, Linz (Austria) 2016

How Bureaucracy is deeply influencing our self-perception?

How Bureaucracy is drafting identity?
This work aims to question how the „Selbstentwurf” (selbs: self /­entwurf: draft) is defined by social frames and interrogates the porous boundary between the bureaucratic and the private.

In the process of administrative registration, (when I moved to Austria), I wanted to capture my ­(confusing) ­experience at the ­Immigration and Citizenship Magistrat (MA 35) of Vienna, ­using ­audio recordings to question the role of bureaucracy and ­bureaucratic power in the ­‘selbstentwurf’ construction process.

With a sound installation composed of 5 different tracks, ­broadcasted simultaneously and looped, the work expresses insecurity and ­confusion that are present in the confrontation with ­normative ­bureaucratic immigration laws and the power they exercise over ­individuals and their identity. Blending intimate thoughts with the public sound frame from the immigration office.

By changing position in the installation, the spectator can approach individually each sound element of the installation. The chair in the center represents the artist’s self, overwhelmed by the thickness of the situation.

The created sonore space wants to reflect the role of the spatial ­configuration of the Magistrat and the routines of the bureaucratic apparatus. Which are both tools to instaure “discipline” in ­inscribing the Institution in the ­postures and bodies of the ‘clients’. The 6m2 ­installation, ­minimum standard for a european prison cell, ­symbolize how ­bureaucracy categorizes, cleaves and restricts.

Inspired by the researchs of Vincent Dubois, sociologist and ­political scientist at the University of Strasbourg, the work aims to explore the relation of an administrative apparatus and its ‘clients’ reality. How the ­incorporation of the social order is implemented through the administrative treatment of identity and identification.

“TESTIMONIAL” (Poem recording)


Julien Segarra


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