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Where did your neighbour go?

And what does this tell you about yourself?

Collective exhibition –  April to May 2019

> A nomadic exhibition set in Vienna, Palermo, then Athens, from April 2019.
More informations are coming soon, stay tuned. 

Give a thought to the one next to you. Contemplate the idea, that somebody is missing, that something is lost, that it might be your neighbour. Teach yourself the capacity to defeat alienation by measures of reflexive self-education. This is an invitation to overcome the collective fear of your neighbour’s stranger body, while you carry his fabrics on your skin and his spices on your tongue. A precondition for our ability to be solidary is knowledge. Knowledge about what happens to our neighbour, in our neighbouring countries, on the next shore.

Conservative, populist and right-wing governments from Hungary, Germany, Italy to Austria have been introducing "illiberal practices" and disputable coalitions to close borders and foster nationalistic tendencies. As these political practices are pushed forward, solidarity against these exclusionary and deadly politics is crucial.

The exhibition Where did your neighbour go? is an attempt to identify possible configurations of geographies to come, that celebrate solidarity, the strength of civil society and the care for the next. While illiberal practices in the name of nationalistic ideas, continue to fragment society, we essay to decompose these discourses to recompose a geography of potential neighbourhoods. The exhibition invites 7 international artists to respond and reflect recent developments and the notion of solidarity. The works will be exhibited in Vienna, Palermo and Athens, offering a dialogue across places and perspectives.